Tuesday, March 23, 2010

WhitePurple`s Day Out

23 of March.Tuesday.Kajang Town.

waiting for Husna n Zieha

cake sponsored by Secret Recipe

so...bila dh sponsored..we need 2 promote...
"life is sweet"
hurry..choose anyone we love...nyum..nyummm

look at Nad`s hp...like a new one..ngeeee

foods sponsored by KFC..hehe

during the "speech session"hehe

after "kenyang"...erkkk alhamdulillah...senang hati

credit to sarra...

credit to sharon...muahh

time to leave....bye bye

picture is perfect...telling the story without any words...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Tidak memedihkan mata!!!!

Familiar with that quotation???hehehe no more tears...everytime tears come out from my eyes, it was remind me to that words and Johnson & Johnson`s product..hehe my niece`s shampoo.. I`m sick of keep crying. its time to release myself from tears.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


After ages i`m searching, today i found and i got it....yahooo!!!! not MATT DAMON la... its about novel... i read it 7 years ago. and i want to read it again...and again...hehehe..just love the plot..full of emotions...Arman i`m coming!!!

Arman is the main character and i`m the heroine..haha...Tina is the heroine.

Excited faces after got my Putik-putik Rindu by Dilla.

Friday, March 19, 2010

I`m Fell In L.O.V.E

My heart-beat faster when he looked at me last night..he`s really attractive. handsome. gentlemen. and everything that he played still green in my mind. huh...am i fall in love with him? ahhh...it`s become complicated if S** know it. But I dont care at all, because he really make my heart melt... although before this i said that i dont want to couple with a soldier, but now i`m easily change my mind because of him.In his army`s suit, he really look tough, protector, and everything.
Even though he almost 40, but people said LOVE is blind. now, i believed that words. Age is just a number. oh no, now i becoming crazy talk about him. if u not trust me this is his picture

i cant forget his face. i hope S** will understand me, and will accept my decision to choose my Matt Damon. Wasted rm9 is nothing after i saw his eyes stared at me last nite at Alamanda. I Love u Matt Damon...hehehehe....

Align Center

Happy Birthday HUsna!!!!!

Today is 20 of March, Saturday, my friend`s birthday, Husna... Nothing i can give for u, except my pray n love. i hope that u`ll be happy forever. Forget everything that can make u unhappy...LOV u so much!!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friday Morning

**the view from my room on Friday morning**

Now I`m at Holland!!!!!!

Special Hat for my Special Friend

Just now, my friend, KK ask me to borrow my hat..hehe so this is my special hat. i bought that hat from Mersing during my programmed there..so i just enjoyed to pose in front of camera and post it here..hehehe...

Monday, March 15, 2010

my addicted

Long Time No See

just came back from home...::homesick::...last week i had dilemma. either take the Mtest or not...some said yes...and some said no...but at last i just followed my instinct, and thats also the psychology concept that teacher must have."YES".my reasons are::if they not allowed final students apply for it, why they called us for the test.the, if they ask for the scroll during the interview, just shows them the letter that confirmed us as degree holder (just like what we need to do if we face the other interview, if not, we cant find a job until August, waiting for the scroll). that are my reasons. plus, i`m not went back because of that test, but i`m missing my family badly until now. spent time with my sisters, mom, dad, niece and nephew is such a great pleasure. had breakfast, lunch and dinner together. my mom looks happy. i love her so much.
my niece, Maia love cats so much. she called the kittens as her babies. every morning, she`ll find her babies first. Gave them milk and play although the kittens was scratched all over her body.