Friday, March 5, 2010

:: to H***** my friend::

i dont know why...but when i see my friend look sad, frust, its seems like i can feel her sadness.. she`s look terrible... reading her status "is pretending happy, happy, and happy"..i knew that she`s need someone to share her sadness...it`s all about men..how he can hurt my friend`s feeling although he know how she trust him..its because of someone else who came and ruined their relation...and pretending that she is not take over anyone bf...how shame it is...
to H****..dont be sad anymore...if he said that you`re too kind. it means that he just created the reason..if he really want you, why not he change to being someone better...i know its hard to accept that someone we really love betrayed the relationship that we created for ages, and suddenly someone else ruined our relation, but if you think back, there is "hikmah behind all this..just belive that...i love u friend!!

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