Friday, March 19, 2010

I`m Fell In L.O.V.E

My heart-beat faster when he looked at me last night..he`s really attractive. handsome. gentlemen. and everything that he played still green in my mind. huh...am i fall in love with him? ahhh...it`s become complicated if S** know it. But I dont care at all, because he really make my heart melt... although before this i said that i dont want to couple with a soldier, but now i`m easily change my mind because of him.In his army`s suit, he really look tough, protector, and everything.
Even though he almost 40, but people said LOVE is blind. now, i believed that words. Age is just a number. oh no, now i becoming crazy talk about him. if u not trust me this is his picture

i cant forget his face. i hope S** will understand me, and will accept my decision to choose my Matt Damon. Wasted rm9 is nothing after i saw his eyes stared at me last nite at Alamanda. I Love u Matt Damon...hehehehe....

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